"Property Management and Landlord Services

                    you can trust in Montclair NJ"

 From negotiating with vendors to overseeing maintenance, we get the job done!!!                
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Preserve Your Property:

  • Landscape Services

  • Professional Cleaning

  • Painting

  • Plumbing

  • Electrician

  • Refinish Floors

  • Refurbish Kitchen and Baths

Handling the Money:

  • Reporting to the IRS W-9's

  • Automatic Deposits for tenants &

  • HOA dues

  • Budget Forcasting and Reporting

  • Tenant Dispossession Notice to Cease

  • Notice to Quit Habitual Late Payments

  • Non-Payment Evictions/Lockouts

Shorter Vacancies & Quality Tenants:

  • Advertise Vacancies

  • Background Checks

  • Criminal History Reports

  • Credit Reports

  • Interviewing a Tenant

Preparing the Paperwork:

  • Custom Lease Preparation

  • Lead Paint Disclosure

  • Window Guard Forms

  • Megan's Law

  • Fair Housing Laws

Property Assessment:

  • Determine the best monthly rent

  • What improvements should be made

  • Conduct move in assessments

  • Regular inspections reports with photos  

  • Manage tenant requests

Automated Appointment Center

(recommended for 10 unit buildings or more)

  • tenant servicing center

  • appointments for vacancies

  • contract out our superintendant 

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learn about the skill set necessary to:

1. select a money making property

2. financially analyze the rate of return

3. property preservation and necessary improvements

4. negotiating with vendors to maintain your property

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