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Landlords Why Are You Not Using a Realtor to Fill Your Vacancies?

Become a Landlord Course

IAM Homes is a full service management firm for your rental property. We do it all and we feel we are a great value for New Landlord’s, Experienced Landlords and Absentee Landlords. We constantly strive to cut costs for our clients and one method of saving money is hiring a local Real Estate Firm to rent out, advertise and assist in selecting a new tenant. Its no question about it, renting out your property will be the most expensive cost a new landlord has to conquer. One thing to remember is a Realtor earns a commission when they acquire a tenant for YOU! They get paid on commission and thus they are motivated to do a good job in hopes that they can consider you a repeat client. If you like the tenant they select you are more likely to call them again. Many times a good realtor will call your tenant and ask , “Will you be renewing this year?” Not a bad arrangement especially if you are located in Northern New Jersey, where it is common place for the tenant to pay the realtor’s fee. That means its for free!

At Iam Homes we work with FindNJHouse a full service real estate broker with over 20 years of experience. Contact us for more details.

The big question is of course, why are you doing all the work on your own when a property management firm and a talented realtor could be doing it for you. A professional can fill up all your vacant units faster and probably getting you higher rent rates and much better tenants too? Call a realtor to discuss this! If of course you are in Northern New Jersey then I would like you to call Iam Homes , we will assess your needs and contact a local real estate firm that will work for you!

We can be of assistance with vetting renters, credit checks, calling references, advertising… The call is free, there is no obligation so let’s get your units full and your bank account full too!

We have many other services too that make a landlord’s life easier.

Landlords let’s talk soon.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Back by popular demand! YES! We are now taking reservations for our upcoming Landlords Profit Course…which we will be speaker at How to Become a Landlord. You all know this course fills up quickly! Click here to reserve your seat now! We will notify you of the exact date and time coming soon.

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